An Introduction of Cisco IOS Software Release 15 M and T

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An Introduction of Cisco IOS Software Release 15 M and T

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Developed for wide deployment in the world’s most demanding Enterprise, Access, and Service Provider Aggregation networks, Cisco IOS Software Release 15M&T provides a comprehensive portfolio of over 2000 capabilities, including the leading-edge functionality and hardware support previously delivered in Releases 12.4 and 12.4T, anchored by an intensive stability and testing program. This article will give you an overall introduction of Cisco IOS Software Release 15M.

Release 15M&T provides:

• Broadened operational consistency for features
• Proactive support policies
• Enhanced release numbering
• Clearer software deployment and migration guidelines.

Key features of 15M&T:

• Approximately 3 new feature releases per year.
• 15 M (Extended Maintenance) releases delivered on a more frequent basis (approximately every 16 months), enabling customers to qualify, deploy, and remain on a release longer with active support.
• 15 T (Standard Maintenance) releases (in between 15 M releases) ideal for the very latest features and hardware support before the next 15 M release becomes available.
• Rebuilds of 15M&T releases for bug fixes and ongoing software maintenance (no new features delivered in rebuilds).
• Release 15.0(1)M (FCS November, 2009) is the first 15 M release.
• Release 15.1(1)T (FCS March, 2010) is the first 15 T release.

Note: AppleTalk Phase I and II, and Service Selection Gateway (SSG) feature are not supported in Release 15M&T.

Download the software:

Visit the Software Center on to download any release product. This site also provides valuable Cisco IOS Software information about hardware/software compatibility, and ordering procedures. Please ensure that you are entitled to access and download the release through an active SMARTnet contract or purchased feature license.

Features and hardware support

Release 15M&T key innovations span multiple technology areas, including Security, Voice, High Availability, IP Routing and Multicast, Quality of Service (QoS), IP Mobility, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), VPNs, and Embedded Management.
To determine which features are supported in a specific release visit Cisco Feature Navigator

The more information about technical support you can consult with our CCIE expert and the e-mail address is as below:
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