How to configure Cisco Router 1921 with two ADSL2+ Wic

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How to configure Cisco Router 1921 with two ADSL2+ Wic

Post by tony »

Hello all,

we are purchasing a Cisco router 1921with 2 x ADSL2+ WIC cards.

This router has two gigabit ports, and we would like to link 1 port to 1 card. We plan to bridge this router with a Sophos UTM to do the authentication part.

So how do we present each card on a separate interface?
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Re: How to configure Cisco Router 1921 with two ADSL2+ Wic

Post by hello3a »

Apologies I went on a bit of a tangent there and gave you something to try which might help bridge the PPPoE to the UTM.

However, I've just re-read the thread and this bit makes your idea a bit tricky...

Ok thank you very much for your help everyone, The reason why I want the UTM in bridge is so that the WEB ip address is present to each interface of the UTM.

I don't know why I didn't pick-up on that before, but that's quite a challenge as you'll have 2 gateways to the internet, however the UTM will only use one default gateway at a time.

For example, if you have your UTM configured as follows...
UTM Port 1 - IP with gateway
UTM Port 2 - IP with gateway

...clients on the internet trying to get to can see the page if the default route on the UTM is, but they won't be able to see the UTM on This is because the return traffic to the client from the UTM will only ever go out of port 1 if is the default route (unless you use static routes or BGP).

So, I can give you a config which will let you NAT the ADSL to the UTM, but it will only help for one ADSL link at a time and not both.
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