Did the Traffic flow through the MPLS Tunnels?

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Hello I'm new here
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Did the Traffic flow through the MPLS Tunnels?

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Hi... I'm new here, I hope you guys can help me... :)

I've been building an MPLS DS-TE network. This is the topology...

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-s99P ... pologi.png

I created 2 tunnel in PE1 and 2 tunnel in PE2. Everything happens almost awesome. but there are some problems.

First Thing that I'd like to ask is how do I know that the traffic that I sent from (for example) CE_A to the Server going down to the tunnel. I mean, does Wireshark can capture it? or there is a command that showing the traffic has just flown through the tunnel?

Thanks for helping... :)
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