QOS between Branch and Head Office

Discuses configurations of Quality of service
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QOS between Branch and Head Office

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Hello All,
I need to put up QOS prioritization for my traffic from my branch to my datacenter.
First, my site has a 1Meg connection up to my provider where we have a private network using EIGRP. My datacenter has a 70Meg connection which runs into this same L3 cloud. I have around 40 sites with a 1 Meg connection, all accessing servers at the datacenter.
All my servers are consolidated at my datacenter.

I need to prioritize data at the branch level using the below:
VOIP : 40Kbps
File sharing: 300Kbps
HTTP : 200Kbps
Mail server ( Destination IP= 100Kbps

So i will be applying this Policy outbound on my WAN interface.

Now lets say that i apply this in the outbound direction, then all traffic leaving my branch will be shaped. But what about the ingress traffic? the replies from the server will be bulky!
Its a symmetrical 1Meg line. I can safely assume that at any point in time, my egress will be greater than my ingress with respect with My wan interface at the branch.
So replies from my file server might consume up all bandwidth and then my voice quality will be deteriorated!
So should i be applying a QOS on the Branch WAN on the inbound direction???
PS:So in case you were wondering why i was not planning to apply a QOS rule on the WAN interface of my datacenter edge router, note that I dont have access it.This is under the administrative control of another company. They told me that they Guaranteed me 1Meg (up and down) over their 70 Meg line.
Hello I'm new here
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Re: QOS between Branch and Head Office

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Hi Swaraj

Normally the way this would be setup is actually by applying QoS outbound on all sites (branches and your datacentre 70Mb link) and then making sure that your ISP is trusting those QoS markings (rather than stripping them off).

This way the traffic is marked immediately at the source everywhere and so if voice traffic is leaving the datacentre back to the branch, the datacentre has already made sure it's priority is the highest when leaving the 70Mb WAN, and so as it enteres to branch, the markings should already be present.

So the next question would be have you checked how much bandwidth each call would take, and do the sites only communicate with the datacentre? If so, the QoS outbound on all should be fine.

If not, you may need to discuss with your ISP as they'd be able to apply QoS on the PE router on the edge of their cloud facing branches. This way the traffic is limited there before it's sent to your branch router depending on how much bandwidth you've allocated for the voice/other traffic.

If your ISP won't allow you to use QoS or wont pass the markings then you'll probably have to use QoS inbound and outbound on all routers which isnt a total loss but it's processing the info twice (once outbound from site A then inbound on site B, then back again) so for anything that requires low latency this is going to add to that.

QOS between Branch and Head Office

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