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Why does datamodelDB of Maintenance Suite missing issue?

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Why does datamodelDB of Maintenance Suite missing issue?

Postby jorna » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:31 pm

datamodelDB of Maintenance Suite missing issue caused by change the NMS server IP and synchronize NMS information. This answer is searched by our Huawei OLTengineer.
Issue Description
In County N, customer A, we installed a U2000 (V100R003SPC100) server in HP server DL580G5.
To connect the newly installed Huawei U2000 server to internet. After we stop the NMS server, change the server IP directly, and reboot server, restart the NMS process.
The U2000 system monitor and client can not run successfully. Then the Synchronize NMS Information was run in Maintenance Suite. After that the instance information and components together with server information are missing.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1, open the sql server manager, the SQL server is running.
2, try to reinstall the components, fail to add any components
3, try to uninstall the NMS and reinstall the NMS server. Failed to uninstall.
4, ask GTAC for advice. The recovery solution is as the follow steps. (Please check attached DOC for issue and handling details.)
a, First check the configure file “windows_net_config.cfg “, make sure the file displays the right 'Systemic'.
b, After stop the MS services, use backup datamodelDB to recover the instance and components of MS.
c, Start MS services and client, the instances and components are back. Right click the server to synchronize network configuration.
d, Restart the Maintenance suite again. this time the server can be started normally.
Root Cause
1, maybe the sql server are not run automatically
2, maybe after the server IP changed, when synchronize of the server cannot find any server information, the Maintenance Suite just cleared the components and instance information.
We can use back up data to recover the data-model database of Maintenance Suite.
Or you can contact the engineer from Thunder-link, a professional Huawei MA5600T ONT partner.
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Re: Why does datamodelDB of Maintenance Suite missing issue?

Postby hone » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:16 pm

good sharing
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