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Do you know the operation methods of updating U2000 License?

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Do you know the operation methods of updating U2000 License?

Postby jorna » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:18 pm

● To ensure the operation system and database work properly.

● To ensure Huawei U2000 process can be started up properly, and start up U2000 process.

● Log in U2000 under “admin” account.

● U2000 license files are acquired

● License files name can only contain numbers and words.

■ The way of the client graphical interface: put the new U2000 license on the server, in the NMS.

● After installing U2000, need to load U2000 License before using U2000.

● License files use text mode in the transfer process, that is ASCII mode.

Background Information

● If without License files, you won’t log in U2000 client. Please update U2000 License in time.

● When update U2000 License file, a temporary License U2000 can be used to replace a commercial Huawei U2000.

● License, in order to ensure properly use of NMS, please replace with commercial License as soon as possible.

License U2000 is not compatible among the R versions, such as, the license of V100R001 version and V100R002 are not compatible.

● According to the use of the U2000 License to determine whether the U2000 License need to be updated.
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