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U2000 Client user could not query relevant transmission link

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U2000 Client user could not query relevant transmission link

Postby jorna » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:16 pm

Issue Description
All U2000 client users was able to query any transmission link relevant trails on U2000 version V100R002C00 as shown in attached Fig-1,Fig-2 ,
The customer request an upgrade from the current version to V100R002C01SPC100 to fix some problems they face and got recommendation from Huawei to make the upgrade.
During the upgrade while we are in steps of performing pre-check and backup operations, we discover that some clients still running some process and not all process on the server has stopped.
The upgrade takes long time , thus we stop all upgrade process , force kill all running process and start the upgrade again.
After the upgrade is finished , healthy check report and upgrade verification checklist have been performed.
Customer complain second day that he can not browse the SDH trails.
Alarm Information
No alarms.
Handling Process
First we made SDH trail search to synchronize the dis-create undercover trails , but even after the search that user can not query the links trail.
We discover that for some reasons that this problem happens to customer users who was login during the upgrade , and not all users face the same problem , which was clear that this was not upgrade problem.
We finally solve the problem for those users as below :-
Login to the U2000 Server with administrator authority, under Service>SDH trail >Manage SDH Service Authority.
then on the left hand tab select the user that has the problem , we found that his privilege was as in Fig-3
Finally choose the check box that has the description [ Confer all trails ] and press apply.
Root Cause
Cause -1- : the upgrade fails to perform the right backup.
Cause-2-:   no problems about the upgrade , but may be the security database has been corrupted.
Cause-3-:  SDH trail search need to be done again.
Cause-4-:   this user who try to browse the trails may does not have the correct authority operation list.
Be sure before any upgrade to completely stop all NMS process and the related base services.

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