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What Is Ethernet Link Aggregation forHuawei access products?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:09 pm
by jorna
Do you know Ethernet Link Aggregation on for Huawei OLT Huawei access products, such as , MA5680T MA5683T, MA5800.
As broadband services are widely used, carriers require higher bandwidth and reliability for
Ethernet links.
Hardware upgrades can increase Ethernet link bandwidth but at high costs. In addition, hardware
upgrades are less flexible than software upgrades. Ethernet link aggregation addresses these
issues and supports the following functions:
The maximum bandwidth of a link aggregation group (LAG) is equal to the total bandwidths
of all links in a LAG. Hardware upgrades are not required and costs are curtailed.
Traffic in a LAG is distributed to member links using the load sharing algorithm,
implementing load sharing and improving link usage.
Member links in a LAG dynamically back up each other. When one link is interrupted, a
bakckup link immediately takes over.
Link aggregation functions between interconnected devices only and is independent of the
network topology.
A logical link aggregating several physical links is called a LAG
As shown in Figure 1-1, two devices are interconnected through several pairs of Ethernet ports.
These ports are bound into a logical link, called a LAG.