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Unity message wanted to distribute to all the users

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Unity message wanted to distribute to all the users

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 21, 2005 3:30 am


I have one doubt, how we can configure unity message distribute to all the users.

Because my customer is running one call center, after the IVR Prompt user can deliver voice message, if he doesn't wanted to talk to agent. So if user leave message, all agents wanted to get that message that is there requirement. Can you please guide me how we can do that one.





Re:Unity message wanted to distribute to all the users

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:01 am

Hi Sunish,

This sounds like a perfect fit for Dispatch Messaging which is available in Unity Connection 7.0;

Dispatch Messages

You can use the dispatch message feature to send a message to a distribution list (from either a call handler or interview handler). The message is configured such that only one user in the group needs to act on the message. When listening to a dispatch message, users are given the option to accept, postpone, or decline the message.

Dispatch messaging is useful in situations where a team is available to respond to issues, but only one member of the team needs to respond. For example, an IT department may want to set up a call handler to take messages from employees who need assistance, and then send the messages as dispatch messages to a distribution list comprised of IT department staff. All of the members of the distribution list receive a copy of each message. Team members can then decide whether to accept or decline a message; declined messages are then picked up by other team members.


In other Unity or UC Versions you would probably need to set up a "shared line" that appears on all the agent phones. This line would be the recipient for these group messages.

Hope this helps!



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