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PBR on outgoing interface?

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PBR on outgoing interface?

Postby sammol » Wed May 04, 2011 7:21 am

I am facing a problem of one of my teleco client:

They have 3 data connection. Two of them are International and one local. They are going to deploy the a cache farm and they want only the HTTP traffic of the International link to be cached.

The problem came as they are using a pair of Cisco routers to connect to these 3 data connection directly. And all of them use BGP to disturbute the routing table.

I am think how to use PBR to route only the HTTP traffic of those two International links to cache farm. One of the method I think it may work is to apply the port 80 PBR to the interface that directly connected to the links.

Is it possible and will it work as I mentioned? Any better method to do it? Many thanks
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