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After U2000 upgrade PWE3 service can not be created

After U2000 upgrade PWE3 service can not be created

Postby jorna » Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:28 pm

Many network engineer has U2000 trouble, when manage HUAWEI OLT and ONT. Below is a case that our engineer share that what is the problem after U2000 upgrade PWE3 service can not be created.

Issue Description
Customer upgraded U2000 from V100R002C01SPC100 to V100R003C00SPC100. After that PWE3 services can not be completely created by using trail function and there was no ping to that ones (files in attach.).
Alarm Information
U2000 reports: Trail creation succeded, but related operation failed. Error Code: 1090613252.
Handling Process
Upgrade current U2000 V100R003C00SPC100 to V100R003C00SPC104.
1. Download the patch from Support Web Site.
2. Upgrade U2000 according to the upgrade guide.
3. Create PWE3 services.
Root Cause
We checked service configuration, everything is OK and services can be created manually, but trail creation function would not work. We analyzed the problem: U2000 V100R003C00SPC100 has a bug of this operation, confirmed by R&D engineers.
After U2000 upgrade, PWE3 services was completely created.

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Re: After U2000 upgrade PWE3 service can not be created

Postby hone » Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:53 pm

U2000 is really a hard-understand software, our engineer spend much time on it, and i will recommend him to read this article, it maybe helpful for him.
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