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Huawei MSTP Amplifier Board SSN1BA2

PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:00 pm
by jorna
SSN1BA2(17/17,LC) is an optical amplifier board for Huawei OSN1500B, OSN2500, OSN3500, OSN7500. The SSN1BA2(17/17,LC) working together with V-16.2, U-16.2, L-64.2, V-64.2 and U-64.2 optical service board, deploy at transmit side to increase two-channel launched optical power of the line board to 14dBm. The SSN1BA2(17/17,LC) model name is SSN1BA202, part number is 03037356.

1, Dual Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)
2, Increases the launched optical power of the line board to 13–15 dBm or 15–18 dBm.
3, Supports the automatic control of the laser temperature and optical power of the EDFA module.
4, Supports the automatic monitoring of input/output optical power of EDFA module and query of optical power of EDFA module.
5, Supports the protection function of the EDFA module.
6, Supports the reporting of the performance parameters of the laser.
7, Supports the software upgrade and expansion without interrupting services.