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How Do I View Statistics about ACL Resource Usage?

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How Do I View Statistics about ACL Resource Usage?

Postby jorna » Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:07 pm

You can run the display acl resource [ slot slot-id ] command on the switch (such as LS-S7703)to check the ACL resource usage.

For example, view statistics about the ACL resource usage in slot 3.

<HUAWEI> display acl resource slot 3
Slot 3
Vlan-ACL Inbound-ACL Outbound-ACL
Rule Used 10 329 3
Rule Free 2038 7863 1021
Rule Total 2048 8192 1024

Meter Used 0 58 0
Meter Free 0 8134 1024
Meter Total 0 8192 1024

Counter Used 0 59 1
Counter Free 0 8133 1023
Counter Total 0 8192 1024
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following table describes each field in the command output.


Slot ID.

ACL processor in a VLAN.

Inbound ACL processor.

Outbound ACL processor.

Rule Used
Number of used ACL rules.

Rule Free
Number of idle ACL rules.

Rule Total
Total number of ACL rules.

Meter Used
Number of used meters.

Meter Free
Number of idle meters.

Meter Total
Total number of meters.

Counter Used
Number of used counters.

Counter Free
Number of idle counters.

Counter Total
Total number of counters.
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