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Database mismatch in ASON switch controller

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Database mismatch in ASON switch controller

Postby jorna » Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:56 pm

Issue Description
As per customer, found database mismatch in ASON controller.
Alarm Information
Customer checked in ASON switch controller & found board mismatch, but this is not the problem related with NE, it is NMS issue.
Handling Process
We have checked the problem & found NE is working fine.
Root Cause
According to customer, physically there is SFD64 card in GJ_SURT node, but in ASON switch controller, it is showing SLQ64 on 30th Slot.

Solution Description: When we checked that in ASON switch controller, the one which is showing Huawei SLD64 card in 30th Slot, it is not SURT node, it is CHNN node and in CHNN node- on 30th Slot, SLD64 card was physically present. And we checked the commands from navigator to confirm the boards that are physically present/logically present.
And in ASON switch controller, ASON Node Ids were used to distinguish the nodes. After that, we checked the trail index information showing in switch controller, and found that trail information is not showing properly in NMS, in navigator the trail information is showing normal.

So, it is NMS problem and it will solve in U2000V1R5C00CP6132 patch, in attachment all snap-shots are attached.
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