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How Does a Ring Stack Prevent Loops?

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How Does a Ring Stack Prevent Loops?

Postby hone » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:05 pm

In a ring stack system, ports connected by a certain stack cable are blocked to prevent loops. Counting from the stack port with a greater stack ID on the master switch, this cable is the one numbered (n/2)+1. Here, n is the number of switches in the stack system. If n/2 is not an integer, use the integer portion.

For example, a ring stack consists of four switches.
In this scenario, n = 4, and (n/2) + 1 = 3. Counting from Stack2 of master Switch1, and ports at both ends of the third stack cable are blocked. That is, Stack1 of Switch4 and Stack2 of Switch2 are blocked.
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