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How Can I Delete the Device Configuration?

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How Can I Delete the Device Configuration?

Postby hone » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:12 am

To clear the current configuration and restore factory settings of a device, run the reset saved-configuration command to clear the configuration file for the next startup and then restart the device. If you are prompted to save the configuration, select N indicating that the device will not save the current configuration.
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Exercise caution and follow the instructions of the technical support personnel when you run this command.

<HUAWEI> reset saved-configuration
Warning: The action will delete the saved configuration in the device.
The configuration will be erased to reconfigure. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Warning: Now clearing the configuration in the device.
Info: Succeeded in clearing the configuration in the device.
<HUAWEI> reboot
Info: The system is now comparing the configuration, please wait.
Warning: The configuration has been modified, and it will be saved to the next startup saved-configuration file flash:/vrpcfg.zip. Continue? [Y/N]:n
Info: If want to reboot with saving diagnostic information, input 'N' and then execute 'reboot save diagnostic-information'.
System will reboot! Continue?[Y/N]:y NOTE:
The command outputs on your device may be different from that provided in this example.
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